Thursday, 14 April 2016

Academic year 2016-17

The year 2016-17 has commenced & there is plenty of enthusiasm in the air. Lots of new children trying to bond & getting affirmations from their peers is a treat to feel & watch. Children feel very comfortable & happy in the inspiring aura of the school which is absolutely non-threatening.

The tiny tots of the lower primary have adjusted well & are getting ready for the year with teachers engaging with activities related to speaking & listening. The joy of coming to school is very evident from their enthusiasm.

This is the Decennial year for the school & it a milestone for us. Adding to this celebration is the fifth year of senior secondary section, which is yet another milestone reached. We march ahead with our heads held high where these teenagers will get exposed to a series of leadership lectures this year. In addition the school will see a variety of activities with international collaboration  giving an edge over their peers for these young global citizens.

Well, see you soon with more updates!!!

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