Thursday, 30 October 2014

Rules and regulations

School is a second home to children. At APS Golconda we nurture children to be good citizens, therefore lessons imparted to children are planned in such a manner that values are imbibed by the children. Values like punctuality and regularity form the edifice of all other activities in the school. At APSG we are particular in inculcating the value of time and time bound work. Thus it starts with the students reaching school in time.Work is expected to be completed by children in time.Punctuality is an important virtue and we at APS Golconda are particular about time. Here May I request parents to ensure that students reach school in time. Students must reach school by 07 30 h. The first bell will ring at 07 35 h. Thank you parents for always being supportive.

Lets remember: Time and tide wait for none.

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